First World War history of letters written 1918-1919

These letters were kept by Walter's wife Marie for many years.  Her daughter Elinor (Nell) Thomas decided to transcribe the letters to preserve the content, as they were over 60 years old and many were written in pencil on thin paper.  Starting on a typewriter, and moving on to a computer, she painstakingly deciphered every letter, sometimes using a magnifying glass to make out the faded handwriting.  But it was done in a labor of love, and when she completed the project, copies were made for all of Walter's children and grandchildren. 

Over time, Nell found other information in books or on the internet referencing the 112th infantry, and she was able to determine where Walter was when he wrote his letters from the front, when he could not disclose the location.  Other data, such as the names of the ships used for the crossing of the Atlantic, has also been collected over time.  Any of this additional information that has been found through research has been added to the letters in plain font and enclosed in brackets.  (Spelling errors found in the letters have been left as they were.)

A newspaper article based on some of the letters was done by Walter's granddaughter Kathryn (Kate) Thomas, as a requirement for her Journalism degree, and was published in the St. Petersburg Times on November 11, 1981.

In 2004, Kate suggested that the letters somehow be made available on the internet so that others could read and enjoy them too.  Tim and Cindy Andras, Nell's son-in-law and daughter, took on that task, and created this website in honor of a brave soldier, loving husband, wonderful father, and caring grandfather.

The original copies of the letters are now being preserved by Nell using professional archiving techniques she has learned from her volunteer work at the Dunedin Historical Museum.

This site is in your memory, 'PapPap' Lockard - we love you and thank you for this legacy that you have left for us.

To those that read it, we hope you appreciate and enjoy the contents of these letters as much as we do.

"God bless all of our troops".
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