WWI actual documents
Below are actual scanned documents. Click on the pictures for a larger view.

Actual Letterhead

Actual Letterhead

Example of Censor envelope.

Draft card from West Newton Pa.

Address side of Draft card.

Document done by Meredith & Lindner of Intelligence section.->

This doc contains details of the duties
of each post,

what took place in each of the engagements,

including dates, times, participants, etc.

Even when Walter was promoted to Sergeant!

Summary war diary of the 112th infantry.

Dated September 26 - October 21, 1918.

Boarding pass for the transport ship home from France.

Reverse side of Boarding pass from the USS Pocahontas.

Paper envelope for the pay record book shown below.

First page of pay record book.

Pay book personal information page and Monthly allotments.

Payment records for December 1918 - March 1919.

Instructions in back of book from General Hqtr, August 1, 1918.

Conclusion of instructions in pay record book.

Poem Walter carried with him. "I've been carrying this for a good while. I liked it very much."

New Years Day 1919 booklet given to 28th Division soldiers.


Booklet contained letters of commendation from numerous generals.

Note written in pencil on back of booklet 3/21/19. →

Dear Mother:-  I am still in camp at Le Mans. Everything is lovely and I am still in fine health. Hope to be along "toot-sweet". Love to all!
Your loving son, Walter

Brochure from exhibit Walter saw in France of huge WWI mural.

Back of brochure: note to mother at bottom.

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