Mrs. G. H. Lockard
Scottdale, PA

Camp Lee, Va
Mar. 29, 1918

Dearest Mother:-
We are still in the same place as yet so I thot I'd write & keep you posted as far as I could. Our quarantine has been lifted again. The old timers here say that they quarantine every regiment before they move so that they can keep all the fellows where they want them. Albert was supposed to leave Tue. & is still here. They don't let you know anything at all & it is proper that they should not. This is Good Friday & a hard day for the Catholic fellows. They sent us down to blast stumps around this hall & for lunch we had ham sandwiches & coffee & the "miks" couldn't eat the ham but they cuss because they are not allowed. Tomorrow is the big parade here. The whole camp is to be reviewed & I see several French and English officers around today. I had a good letter from Uncle Will, he said he was glad that I had the privilege of sinking lead into the Germans. He seems to like those people a great deal. This move will probably spoil your contemplated trip down but if you get a chance to see one of these camps don't miss it. I guess we will get to sleep in tents when we go south. Well Stauffer is not in our company but his crowd are going to the same place, so we will all be together again. It would do Dadís heart good to see them exercising the horses here these frosty mornings. You can see processions of a thousand teams in one line trotting around the parade ground. One man rides and leads each team. There are fifteen thousand horses and mules in this camp alone. Every battalion has different colored mounts. Our officers' horses are all dappled gray. It stays warm here as long as the sun shines but when the wind blows or it rains it is very chilly. I haven't been sorry for carrying that extra blanket. You can keep writing to my old address and it will be sent on to me. It's time now to fall in again so must close. I send my love to you & dad and all the rest.



Your loving son


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