Mrs. G. H. Lockard
Scottdale, PA

Camp Lee, Va
Mar. 28, 1918

Dearest Mother: -
When this reaches you I suppose I'll be on my way to parts unknown. I sent my suitcase and clothes home as ordered & we are all ready to depart. I think we will go to Georgia altho you can't find out anything. A bunch left today & they say we will go about tomorrow. If we go that far south it will mean that we get no furlough. However I am in this thing to see it thru & they can send me where they please.
I'm not kicking a bit. I had a letter from Florence & also one from Uncle Will today. Florence talked as if she could get home for the doings if nothing else intervened. Pandemonium reigns supreme here this evening everyone wants to go & they are singing and clog dancing and raising all the racket they can. I only hope we are not thrown into a N.G. regiment when we land there. I believe however if a fellow has the stuff he can make good anyplace & my percentage increases day by day. Graft & Hump & I are going together so far as we know & that will help. You can tell Aunt Annie that I will write to her as soon as I can find time. I've been so busy the last few days that you are the only one I have written to. Tell Grace and Ben I extend to the my best wishes & kindest felicitations. I hope everything goes OK & tell Grace not to get too fussed up before the time. I'll write every day as per usual & will close for this time.



Best love to all
Your loving son


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