Mrs. G. H. Lockard
Scottdale, PA

Camp Lee, Va
Mar. 27, 1918

Dearest Mother:-
Our quarantine for Scarlet Fever ended last night. We had one day of freedom & were placed in quarantine again tonight for measles. I guess when these guys get all this stuff out of their systems we can go ahead. We can't complain however because we are out every day just the same & for the last few days have had it pretty soft. Quit work 2 days in succession at 3:30 to play baseball. The only thing about the quarantine is that it holds up the transferred fellows indefinitely. Hemp is still here. You can tell his wife I got her card but her hubby handed it to me & didn't seem a bit jealous. This is some place to write a letter. Lotzbier sleeps next to me & has a box from home & there are all the guys in our bunch around our bunks grabbing for a bite. I am playing ball again and just feel like I did when I was a kid. We play all the kid games such as running, jumping, leapfrog, and anything to condition us. We played the 6th Co. today & lost not only the game but a pool of eighty dollars. I become more acquainted every day & it is much nicer when you know fellows by name & they know yours. We had a minstrel show in here last night & it sure was fine. The audience is most of the show. You can call the actors what you please. Everybody is well but Chas. Lewellyn & he is so homesick & looks it. The way things look in the paper I think that fatted calf will be nigh a cow before we get back. Love to all





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