Mrs. G. H. Lockard
Scottdale, PA

Camp Lee, Va
Mar. 26, 1918

Dearest Mother:-
Your letter reached me today & found me still at the same address. Humpy didn't get away today but will go Thur. for sure. We all handed in our guns today so we will all go some place this week. Maybe only in this camp but we will all be out of the Depot Brigade. Humpy will be near Jacksonville I guess & it would be nice if Florence could visit Hilk and see him occasionally. They live near there don't they? Our quarantine ends tonight and everyone is glad. I am all over my sore arms and sore joints and feeling fine as usual. We had another exam tonight for dequalification & were supposed to tell them if we had any defects. They didn't strip us and I didn't tell them anything either. Some of us may get to stay on here and help train the new ones in the first simple steps. I don't care where they send me. I'm in the army now. It sure is tough for Dad to have to work hard every day like that. That O.M. sure is a hoodoo. I never see Mclean or any of the other guys anymore. “Mar" was up to visit us & when he saw the sign he beat it fast. Sort of tough on Hemp having to go way off like he is but that the way she goes. Well mother, there isn't any special news I can tell you aside from the daily routine, so with sending all love I close till tomorrow.
Best love and wishes to all



Your loving son

 P.S. I hope Florence can get home for the doings.


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