Mrs. G. H. Lockard
Scottdale, PA

Camp Lee, Va
Mar. 24, 1918

Dearest Mother:-
Was glad to get Grace's letter this A.M. Sorry Dad could not find a better job. I was in hopes he could pick something soft. They are starting to break us up right now & from the news today we will be moved to other camps. You should see the fellows when they get the word that we are going to move. Everyone gets excited and starts to tell the other guy where he would like to go. We were asked not to tell anyone at home when we found out any move we were going to make and if we go I''ll let you know after we arrive you can depend on that. This A.M. I found a package for me & it contained two cakes one angel food and one devil food. They were surely delicious and didn't have anything with them stating where they were from but I wrote and thanked D Newman and his wife. Your box surely went good. Last night Albert received another box from Bea and we munched on cakes. I guess maybe that German Spring Drive was a dream, eh! The old Kiser has them all figuring all the time. The noise in here is something fierce. Can you picture about an hundred healthy guys shut in one room on a Sun. Some rough-house! I think the quarantine will be lifted tonite or tomorrow. Some of the fellows know where they are going but I haven't heard a thing yet. I dont care where I go from here only I'd rather go East or North than down South this time of year. Our grub still continues to be fair & the other day in the kitchen the Sergt. told me he was allowed forty cents a day for each man. That is, it costs one hundred dollars a day to feed this company. That means some Liberty Bonds, don't it? I hope Ben can stay at home for a while and they will get things fixed OK. soon. Lots of love, mother, and I'll write soon again. Tell Dad I hope he can find an easier job before long.



Love to all

P.S. Albert's name was called out to leave for Florida Tuesday morning. Lotzbier goes to the same camp.


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