P.S. I've received all your letters.


Mrs. G.H. Lockard
Scottdale, Pa

Camp Lee, Va.
March 22, 1918

Dearest Mother: -
Time is not so precious just now so I can write you a letter with a little more coherency. How about Grace's wedding. Is she in line for presents? You can tell her, easy like, that her big brother is not exactly broke but is badly bent & that I will send her one as soon as I can find time to choose it. Is that alright. I wrote to you this AM but was not sure you would get it so am sending this as a sure thing. I take the butter and preserves to the table with me & Albert & I work on it. Thirty-four men were picked here today for the Eng. to be taken to Camp Meade. I escaped & so did all the rest but Burns from Mt. Pleasant & he will leave us I guess. We have been in this Depot Brigade about long enough & I think next week or so we will all be scattered. They drill us all day & in the evening about 6 PM we parade for the Colonel. They look us allover every day & I was called into the office the other night to ans. questions about my previous military experience. I sort of considered this a compliment because they seemed surprised when I told them I never had any. I suppose we will have to change so they can make room for the next bunch that comes down. I see by the Courier that they will leave on the third, fourth, & fifth of April. Well, ma, I must close till tomorrow because I have to shave, clean my gun and trim my mustache before bedtime. You can send me some tea if you will because I can get hot water & have a cup in the eve. I don't absolutely need it but I surely enjoy it. Best of love to all


Your loving son


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