Mrs. G. H. Lockard
Scottdale, PA

Camp Lee, Va.
March 22, 1918

Dearest Mother -
We are still penned in but are all well as yet. Graft came back from the hospital & is in good health except for a sore throat & they almost starved him to death. He lived on cocoa and eggnog for a week. I think they will lift the quarantine any day now because the doc finds us all good every day now. This was only a big scare but they use all precautions to check anything like that. I signed up for ten thousand insurance yesterday & willed it all to you, so you are rich at last. It only costs me six dollars and eighty cents a month and is good for five years after the war. That is it is changed to peace time insurance and is good then forever. The weather here is ideal and we get lots of good exercise. I got your box the same time as your letter & it was fine, only one glass of jelly was broken. I'm sorry Grace and Ben are so up against it but I think Humpy agrees with me that if I were them I'd get married right now and end all the worry. Since I started this, we were ordered to stop all mail but a fellow is going to take it to the PO for me. All of our officiers (sic) have been transferred but the new ones are allright. Iíve been in the kitchen again & although I can tolerate it I don't take to scaling fish and
[illegible]at all. I'm sorry Fritzy didn't get to come down here with us. I hope I can be there when they search Emy Overholt for liquor. Ha! Ha! I must hurry through mother dear, so I can get this off to you. Tell Aunt Annie I got her letter and I'll ans as soon as I can get the chance. Love to all


Your loving son


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