To: Florence Lockard

Camp Lee, Va
March 18, 1918

Dearest Sis: -
"Forthcoming events cast their shadow over them". I got your letter about the scarlet fever in the morning and we were quarantined for ten days with it in the evening of the same day. We had three cases in our barracks and are not allowed any place except we drill just the same. They are very strict about it and examine us every morning. I had a letter from Grace telling me of what was coming off and I think it will be sooner than the second of next month. The papers say that the next bunch will be down here by that time. I hope you can get home and act as bridesmaid as for me there will be no chance. I'm perfectly satisfied with Ben as a brother but I would not expect it to make any difference if I wasn't. I'm not built that way. Do you think this business of war and grooms will bother you any? I don't mean to call you an old maid yet but you aren't in style "don't you know". Yesterday was St. Patricks day and you should have heard the Irish lamenting the fact that they couldn't drown the shamrock. There is a Hungarian sleeps in our room and I bought him a mouth organ, now we have music all the time. A fellow can be just as happy or miserable as he wants to down here. I've always been a mixer and I so far have got along fine. When they call the roll down here and sound all these " Antonio's" and "skys" it makes you wonder if this is the great American army. If you can you want to see the Camp Lee fellows parade in Pittsburgh next month. I enjoyed your letter and would like another soon. Best love from


Your loving brother .


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