Mr. G.H. Lockard-Mulberry St.
Scottdale, Pa

Camp Lee, Va
March 18, 1918

Dear Dad;
Another day and Iím very tired but still in good shape. I hear you had very good luck with Mr. Robbins petition. Heíll probably have a walk away this time. We drilled all day just the same as usual & I'd rather be out in the sunshine doing that than penned up in here. I am getting the use of my right arm back for the first time since I arrived here & am just fine physically. As you know this crowd we are in with is not the most choice & I sometimes pity Albert because the talk in here gets very profane at times & that is of course very hard for him. He is surely a good boy & also a splendid example for the rest. He's been a good friend to me since we came down. I thot (sic) when he got up to headquarters he would get better association but he said the profanity was even worse among the officers than the men. I don't mind it because I've been more or less used to it than he. Some of these fellows are sure homesick. I had to laugh out on the field today, one fellow was lying beside me & was so disgusted he said that if he could press a button & kill every living thing in Europe, including all nations, he'd do it. I asked him if he included Pershingís army in that & he replied , ' You're damn right!' . I haven't fallen off in my ardor yet & am just as anxious to go on as ever. Albert let me read Dr. Terbushes letter & I'll say that old boy can write a letter. I want you to know that Iím in the best of spirits & don't need a thing & with my best love to Mother and all the rest I'm still



Your loving son

 PS I enjoyed Gracesí letter very much. I hope her biggest event comes off all right.


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