Mrs. G. H. Lockard
Cor. Mulberry & Grove St.
Scottdale, PA

Camp Lee, Va.
St. Patrick’s Day

Dearest Mother;
This place went on the bum last night. We are quarantined for scarlet fever. Three cases were taken out of our barracks & we were all examined this A.M. The doctor found me alright & aside from my third shot in the arm I am feeling fine. They took Graft to the hospital today with tonsilitis -Chas. Lewellyn has bronchitis. We have to stay in our own squad rooms & are not allowed to visit each other. Albert & I are on the first floor & Humpy and all the rest are on the second so we don't see each other except at meal time. They just examined our throats and then our hearts & after looking us over for a rash they took all the suspicious cases away. They press your stomach just as they do for typhoid. My third shot was fully as bad as the second, and gave me sharp pains around my heart that frightened me for a while. I'm glad they are over. I've gained about five pounds with it all & my face is completely cleared. I saw Mabel Wright yesterday but didn't say anything to her. Florence wrote me saying that she was quarantined for the same thing as we are. We get our drill just the same but can't go to the YMCA or the canteen. I had a letter from Scottdale last night telling me that all the boys passed the examination to come down here. Ernest Overholt's Ma will collapse, won't she? Does Ben have to come on the twenty-ninth? I don't want you to say anything to Grafts about “Took” being in the infirmary, let them find it out. He has been sick for three days. They tell me the Jones-Murphy case has developed into quite a stink. I’m writing this in bed because it is cold here and we must keep all the windows up. I don't want you to worry about me because the doctor told me my throat was clean & since the cases were removed there wasn't much danger and this quarantine is merely protection. All mail will be disinfected. Give my love to Ant's Sib & Anna & I'll write you again.




Love to all from
Your loving son



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