Camp Lee, Va
March 15, 1918

Dearest Mother:-
Don't think I am falling off in my letters home because I write whenever I find time. Those letters from the engineers were important. I applied for that branch two months ago and those papers were merely authorizing the draft board to induct me into the service if I wished. Robbins had nothing to do with them at all. Your last letter was fine and full of news, along with it I got three others. Pretty good for one day. So sis thinks the army will make a man of me. That’s what every one writes the fellows down here. They told us the other day “they'd either make or break us." Today's bulletin here states "that every man in Camp Lee will be furloughed five days before we leave." I can't tell how soon it will be but you know we'll be home before we go over anyhow. We work all the half-holidays so we can get this. I came up here to write this and was forced to go back to the barracks or sing. We are made to sing at work and play. We have one big guy here from Pittsburg that can sing and is a regular clown. He can imitate a "Hunkie" better than anyone I ever saw. We went over to Co. 7 the other night where he played the "Hunkie" and was looking for the guy who stole his gun. Nobody there knew him and he sure raised a hulabaloo till he got tired and then went out. Talking about boxes, I've helped eat Lewellyns’, Armstrongs’ and Grafts’ so am about due to pay back. You might send some butter. I haven't tasted butter or jam since I came down. If you have a glass of jelly you can take it to the table with you. Lordy, I am getting hungry for a cup of tea. This coffee don't send me and I have been drinking only water and "that's the kind of life we have in the army."



Love to all.

Your loving son.



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