Camp Lee, Va.
March 11, 1918

Dearest Mother:-
We had a very easy day today so it seemed. I don't know whether the work is easier or whether we are more toughened to it. I guess it is the latter. We filled out our allotment blank today saying how much we wanted to send home to our dependents. As I don't have any of those things, I can't send any back unless I send it myself. If you have dependents and send fifteen dollars home the U.S. Government will send ten. That is the way it works. I have become good friends with my second leutenant. He was filling out my blank and as soon as I said I was from Scottdale he asked me if I knew Harry Shupe, they went to State together. He said he couldn't say any more in front of the Capt., but while we were on our hike today we were talking and he knew a good many people from Scottdale, G'burg
[Greensburg], and Uniontown. and it happened I knew most every one of them he mentioned, so we got quite chummy. We got orders today to send everything home we didn't need and that our company was to report at Hd' qutrs tomorrow morning. They say that we are going to be asked to volunteer for foreign service then. If such is the case, you know me. I only hope they do. I am feeling fit again and my second vaccinate didn't take. They only give you two. We drilled all this P.M. so we would look our best for the General tomorrow and the Capt. told us if we looked good we would get to. (March for the Genl.). We had a long lecture on saluting & also on how to be a good soldier. They make it plain that you are not to think of doing anything except what you are told because all this has been figured out in Wash. for an hundred years and not to think we can improve on it. Soft, eh! The Capt. said the reason the officers didn't always return our salute was because they were preoccupied but I notice when the Colonel is around they aren't thinking of home. It's their turn to say "Yes sir" then. The fellows who have been here for a good while say that our company has been trained faster than any other which didn't surprise me. I don't like to say "I told you so" but I had this figured out before I left home. I had a tip that we were going to fill in. Well I must shave for the picture so will say goodnight and will write you again tomorrow.




Love to all from your loving son.



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