West Penn Hospital
Miss Florence Lockard

Camp Lee, Va.
March 10, 1918

Dear Sis:-
Have been on the job night and day since we arrived here. I can sympathize with you on not being allowed to come and go as I please. I have at hand two letters from home and they tell me that they haven't heard from you lately. You don't want to get that busy. I am suffering from my second shot in the arm. Had chills and fever all night & had to walk guard just the same. My arm is black and blue clear down to the wrist & I can't raise it at all. There is an Irish fellow here who wrote his Dad telling him he had been "shot" twice since he had been here, (meaning in the arm), & his Dad wrote back saying he had always thought him a liar but now knew it. These doctors here are the most gentle things in the world. If you have a tooth ache they give you salts & if your throat gets sore they paint it with iodine.
Albert Hemp has been given a job in the office & seems well pleased that he don't have to drill. He seems very home- sick at times. The bunch here is not his kind at all. "Humpy" had a letter from Ruth saying that Ralph Sherrick was going to get married this month & that Jim was going to marry Grace Loucks.
You should see me in my camouflage, my coat sticks out behind and my pants are too small. "Oh! What do we care."
Guys talk at night how they are going to fix these Huns & at six in the A.M. they curse the U.S.A. It's a great life & I haven't weakened yet.
It is getting cold here now and we are firing up again.
I hope to hear from you soon, Sis, & will close till I find more to write about. Chas. Lewellyn has a cake from his spouse & we are going to eat tonight. Best love and hope you are still in good health.




Lovingly your brother



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