Mr. G.H. Lockard
Scottdale, Pa.

Camp Lee, Va.
March 10, 1918

Dear Father: -
Just came off a night of guard duty. I am very tired and sore, still suffering from my second "shot". The first one never bothered me but I have alternately had chills and fever every hour since I received my second. We stood our first post last night and this morning -it rained and the wind blew all night. When the wind blows down here it is not in gusts as at home but just a steady gale. My shoulders are black and blue from the weight of the old gun but I am feeling better & by tomorrow I expect to be all right again. On this guard duty you must be on your toes all the time because the officers are around all the time playing tricks and trying to sneak by you. Albert & Daughterty are at headquarters in clerical work & seem better satisfied. None of that for mine I'd rather do what I am doing even if it is a trifle harder. We had a lecture from one of our Captains & he said in part that they are keeping their eyes open for fellows who could be leaders because that was what this army needed most right now. I have been on the job right along & attend school every evening although it is not compulsory. I hope you'll be able to go to work soon as you must be very tired of loafing by this time. I investigated the insurance policy & find that we are already insured for forty five hundred dollars, and can take the other fifty five hundred later. We have not been called in on it yet but expect it about this week. Give my love to Mother and all the rest, and write soon.







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