Camp Lee, Va
March 7, 1918

Dear Mother: -
We had an easy day except for the fact that we were treated to another shot in the arm. This Y.M.C.A. is crowded tonight, and every time you move some rookie cusses you out for bumping his arm. I can't raise mine at all. This is the one that counts, it is for para-typhoid and they sink the needle in about three inches and give you twice as much as the first one. We still drill on this guard stuff because if you let anyone pass that should not pass you are in a fair way for trial & maybe jail. One fellow struck another for trying to pass his post and was given a promotion. I think I'll stick them all. We are given heavy exercise every day to get the Pittsburg smoke out of us as the Capt. puts it. The other day when we got in here one of the McKees Rocks boys named Fogarty was still drunk and when the officer held out his hand for his suitcase the poor sap set it down and made to shake hands. I thought I would die laughing. We have a good many foreigners in our company and all have fifty bucks on them all the time. When the officers lined up for their pay today we told two of them to fall in and they marched right along. They got something but it wasn't money. I have laughed more since I came down here than ever before. One big fat fellow in our squad was trying to sleep the other night but couldn't for the noise so he said "Boys you'll have to keep it quiet, Papa has to get up early and go to work."
My vaccinate didn't take so I got another and the Doc told me it wouldn't take either because the scar from my first one was too big. Whatever he meant by that. All kinds of fellows here, the guy who sleeps next to Hump was second cook at the William Penn. My health improves every day.




Love to all from your son.

P .S. I hope Dad is at work again.


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