Camp Lee, Va
March 6, 1918

My Dear Mother-
I have not been able to find time the last two days to do much writing. We are drilling from six to six and have our lessons in handling guns in the eve. Then we must bathe and shave. Thirty of us go on guard Sat. night and due to the fact that this is the most serious duty of a soldier we are forced to memorize all the laws of sentinel duty. Tell Grace not to write me any more unpleasant things that people say about me. I don't care what the people say or think of me. I know I am doing my duty as I see it. I have received all your letters and was glad to see them. Keep it up. I get a letter every mail. The weather is very warm and we are all suffering from sunburn and sore muscles. My vaccinate didn't get sore. They don't scratch you all over any more, just ten scratches, that's all. We are due for another 'shot’ tomorrow. Something to look forward to all the time. I wrote Uncle Will a letter the other day. We march in our hobnail shoes and they are two sizes too big. They fit you that way so you can slip down in them when you get a pack on your back. I have sent my civilian clothes to Belgium. They collect them here. I only hope I continue to like it here as well as I have so far. Everything is so much better than I expected to find it. I sometimes pity Albert, he and Lewellyn are figuring the war will be over every day. We got them going to France every morning. Still all together and will stay that way I guess. There are three hundred men eat in our mess hall every meal. Tell Florence I'll write soon.




Love -
to all from your loving son,


P.S. Don't do anything with that poster I sent home.
We bought those to help a guy out. Lay it away.


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