Camp Lee, Va
March 1, 1918

My dear Mother:-
Am still enjoying myself here. See new sights every day now. I have been ordered to Battalion Headquarters to work with the supply Sergt. That is, I ride from the station back to our barracks on a big truck carting supplies. Did you ever see a big circus fixing up or taking down? That is what this is like only on a more enormous scale. I was down at the ware rooms this A.M. and you can't imagine the meat, clothes and things they have there. Wonderful. The place is crowded with trucks, motorcycles, autos and every thing moves without the least confusion. I have only drilled once since I came down. Have been on special duty every day. We ended up the day by taking a ten mile hike. I am in good health and am feeling better every day. When we were on the march today the Capt. told us we were in better trim than any bunch he had had out. That is new ones. I like the work because there is no time to get lonesome and as much as I like home I don't want to come back until I have seen it thru because if I stick this out it will be the first thing in my life. Of course that is not (illegible) in this case. I met one of these Corrigans that lived across from us a long time ago. Remember. You want to talk Frank into bringing you all down here. Just finished my box today. We get all we can eat without waste. If they don't hand you enough you can go back for more. Give my love to all and sending mail ahead.




Your son


(Note along the side, with arrow to an ink blot). This was done by the guy next to me. They move all around you.


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