St Petersburg Times WWI Armistice Day article

This article was written by Walter Lockard’s granddaughter, Kathryn (Kate) Thomas, as a project for one of her classes at the University of Florida. It was then published in the St. Petersburg Times on November 11, 1981 in honor of Armistice Day.

When she interviewed his wife, Marie Lockard, about the story, she found out that the letters were to be destroyed. Walter did not want anyone to read them after his mother passed away. He tossed them in the trash, but Marie rescued them. In honor of his wish, she only used his first and middle name in the article to protect his identity.

When this website was being created, Kate added the footnotes to the article so that the original quotes could be found in the letters. (Click on the red footnote number in the article to see the footnote text).  Due to transcription, some of the paragraphs may not break at the same place that they did when Kate wrote the footnotes. We apologize if some of the footnotes may not match up exactly with the letter, but the dates of the letters are correct.

We also apologize to our grandfather—we know he said he did not want anyone to read these letters, but we felt that the content was so fascinating that we could not keep it to ourselves!


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